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31st January 2005

socialdragnfly1:03pm: I know you find many actors and characters Hot......... so come and be a huge fan in these Fan Clubs!

do_me_raoul(for Raoul of the film "The Phantom of the Opera" (2004/2005))
do_me_wonka (for Willy Wonka of the film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (2005))
do_me_victor (for Victor of the film "The Corpse Bride")
do_me_ichabod (for Ichabod Crane of the film "Sleepy Hollow")
do_me_marius (for Marius of the film/books "The Vampire Chronicles")
do_me_lestat (for Lestat of the film "Interview With The Vampire")
do_me_jareth (for Jareth of the film "Labyrinth")
do_me_armand (for Armand of the of the film "Interview With The Vampire")

25th January 2005

socialdragnfly8:55am: join the new community do_me_victor from Corpse Bride

24th January 2005

curtangel11:32am: Community icons
I'm not an icon maker and my few attempts have been less than satisfactory. So, my first official act as owner of the community is to hold a contest to make an icon for it. We'll say its open until... Valentines Day. First place will be the main community icon (with credit), with second and third being among the community icons (with credit, of course). And you can say that you won the do_me_johnny icon contest in your user info, or wherever...

Have fun.
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